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A post-grad prep school, simply put, provides another year of secondary school before moving on to
college. It is considered a fifth year of high school, or Prep Year for college. Athletes do not lose their
college playing eligibility like they do by playing at the junior college level. Planet Athlete Academy
allows students to graduate in December and declare them eligible for college in January. This
makes an athlete more attractive to college coaches and helps him get acclimated to college before
fall practice begins. The NCAA Colleges call this Early Admits or Commits, and permits these
students to play Spring Football on the college campus.

It's hard to argue with the results. Football Post Grad Teams send players to top NCAA Colleges
every year.

Reasons why athletes choose post-grad prep school

1. Academics

       College Classes

Planet Athlete has partnered with Northern New Mexico College to offer a specialized college

educational program to college bound athletes that provides remedial and college level classes

in English, Math, Economics, Pychology and more. Graduates of our College Prep Program

may receive up to 24 college credits that are acceptable by most colleges and universities in the

USA. In some cases a Student Athlete may be able to replace an entire year of college core

work at the university or college where he will end up playing at.


Some athletes have GPA or core class requirements to fill, and others need to improve their ACT or
SAT scores. Planet Athlete’s strong test prep lessons prepares the Student Athlete to achieve
qualifying scores on his College Entrance Exam enabling him to be able to accept an NCAA DI or
DII scholarship. For those needing assistance with High School Core Classes we offer a fully
accredited curriculum that is accepted by the NCAA for those student athletes.

2. No offers. Now what?

Some players just need time to get a little better. Skill development is a huge focus for these
schools. They don't have high school or NCAA time restraints and they are able to spend ample time
on weight training and field practice to develop their athletes.

3. Damaged Goods

College coaches can pull a scholarship offer or never extend one to an injured athlete. A year of
post-grad allows the athlete to recover, build his strength back and show coaches he is 100 percent

4. I Played Quarterback in High School

High school athletes are put in position to help their team win, not necessarily the best place for
them to get recruited or succeed at the college level. The most common position change involves
former high school quarterbacks. The quarterback is often the best athlete on his team. He might be
5-foot- 9 with great footwork and a knack for making plays. But it can be tough for a college coach to
project where this athlete might succeed in college. A post-grad program can help him prove he can
play another position.

5. How Much Does it Cost?

Planet Athlete Academy Tuition is $26,386.00 plus some related costs, like Helmet Fees, etc.
This Tuition is for a Full Academic Year of August thru May, and includes up to 24 college level
credits, plus high school courses if needed, and SAT/ACT Exam Preparation. Financial Aid is
available for those who qualify.