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​Planet Athlete Academy sports training has partnered with several elite High Schools to offer the right high school education package to our student athletes; and with Northern New Mexico College to offer college level courses. Each one of our partners is fully accredited by the various Regional and National Accrediting Agencies. 

We offer SAT/ACT Prep courses. International students have the option receive ESL training as well as TOEFL testing at our partner school/college.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ​will continue the traditional full-time mandatory classroom instruction at our nationally accredited partner school, but with diligent concentration on fulfilling the required core courses progressing towards a high school diploma and obtaining an impressive grade point average.

​​​POST-GRADUATE STUDENTS have the luxury of a part-time academic schedule that is completely customized to their particular needs and includes a mandatory SAT/ACT Prep course. Students will also have the option to take online courses that will be used for high school credit recovery or GPA boost. Planet Athlete Academy is NOT a High School! We are a post-secondary academic, football, baseball & basketball prep program that provides alternative/additional services to student-athletes that was unsuccessful in graduating high school or qualifying for collegiate athletics during their 8 semesters in high school.

Additionally Northern New Mexico College partnership providing, Postgraduate students with  up to 24 college course credits, without impacting NCAA eligibility.

OUR PARTNER SCHOOLS High School students receive general Education Courses (9-12), Credit Recovery/GPA Boost, Online Courses, ESL Class, International Services, & College Advancement Classes are also provided to each student according to their individual need. College level courses, including Certificate, Associate and Bachelors Degree Programs

SAT/ACT PREP COURSE Planet Athlete Academy offers a national leading 9 week preparation course in both standardize college entrance exams. Student will have the advantage of advanced techniques and strategies to improve scores.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICES Foreign students receive ESL training as well as TOEFL testing at our partner school/college and will have advantage of being on a college campus. Student life and college advising will be priority.

All New Students & Transfer Students

If you haven't yet applied to Northern: follow the application steps below.
For more information, learn more here or call the Advisement Center at 505.747.2150.

Welcome to Northern New Mexico College!
We're pleased you have decided to become an Eagle!

To begin the application process:

A.  Fill out our online application.

You can access the application here. To begin, you will need to create an account.
or Download a printable application here
 "What Type of Student are You?" Your a Northern New Mexico student enrolled in the Planet Athlete Athletic Program.

B. Submit the following to Northern's Admissions Office:

  • High School Transcripts
  • Transcripts for all dual-credit and college courses previously taken.
  • Placement test scores. Eligible scores are from ACT, SAT and COMPASS placement tests taken within the past two years. If you haven't tested, see the next step.

C. Take your Placement Test

Northern offers COMPASS Testing for reading, writing and math.
Practice for the test online.

Set up a time to come to the testing center. ( You will be schedule upon arriving to campus)
Your test scores will help place you in the right classes your first year.

Admissions Office
Northern New Mexico College
921 Paseo de Onate, Española, NM 87532

Frank Orona, Director
Sara McCormick, Recruiter
Virginia Naranjo, Admissions Specialist
Deondra Rodriguez, Admissions Specialist

Call Campaign Response Form-Students Who are Eligible to Enroll

Admissions Office
Planet Athlete Academy
4700 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85251

Coach Eric Bowman, Administrative Director

Nicky Mayers, Financial Director